Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fake degree scam: Quick verdicts against the social vulnerables

While the workers knew their degrees were fake and had lied in their applications for employment passes, they claimed they had little choice after having paid S$8,000 each to agents in China to land a job here.

Meanwhile, the employers who were involved in hiring the workers, a total of 17 men and 1 woman, will be charged in court at a later date.

The workers were each paid a monthly salary of S$2,650 which was transferred into their bank accounts, but after payday, they each had to return around S$1,600 to a man sent by their employer. They claimed not to have known why there were asked to do that.

The verdict against the poor workers who trespassed under coercion and vulnerable circumstances, were meted out fast. The legal process against the employers are tardy.

Worse, nothing is ever mentioned regarding the rogue agents that for many years, profit by false promises of a good job. I believe they are let off hook again this time. According to Agence France-Presse, some(worker) claimed in court that they were forced by employment agents to produce fake degrees to have their work passes approved.


Anonymous said...

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