Monday, September 12, 2011

Doctors' wages increase thanks to cartel. Medical career for foreigners, junk career for Singaporeans

Thanks to doctor cartel SMC in controlling local medical school enrollment, Lianhe Zaobao reported a shortages of doctors in the ER department driving wages as high as S$100-120 an hour for locum.

SMC's favorite hobby is to prevent many best Singaporean students entering the medical school, and import lots of foreign doctors. The most famous victim is Chen Show Mao from the Workers party.

While controlling med school intake, the cartel choose to pass the larger amount of profit to foreigners. On 2010, 331 Singaporeans received full and conditional medical registration (aka registering to be a doctor in layman) and for foreigner, the number is a whopping 484. See this. Adding to the misery, among these 331 Singaporean doctors, many are trained overseas funded by father mother scholarship, as SMC deliberately keeps our medical school intake low. 

Foreign doctors especially those from the third world strike gold. Singaporean are screwed.

The courses for Singaporean are the dumping grounds including engineering and IT, which leads to lousy career and even financial risk. PAP has just opened Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). In the near future, the Singapore University of Technology and Design(SUTD) is coming online, churning out more engineers despite of excessive engineers due to domestic overproduction and foreigners over import.

TodayOnline reported wages are so low, working condition so bad that about 23 per cent of IT professionals in Singapore intend to leave the profession for a completely new career path.

PAP forcing our young man to financial ruin
The "subsidized" tuition ranges from $9,300 to S$14,000 for SIT per year. The "non subsidized" fee can go up to S$40,000. A student can easily choke up S$40,000 of debt in a four years program. Together with terrible career prospect, our young men are made debt slaves for many years.

Meanwhile, SIT highly paid "talent professors" and "talent managers" are laughing themselves to the bank, by over-charging their own students to poverty.
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Anonymous said...

Many baby boomers of the 60s and 70went thru unhealthy and destructive competition among themselves to do well in schools and only the few who could use the results to secure scholarship benefited from the system. The majority end up scraping by as salaried man and forego many opportunities. Because it seemed that those who quit studying earlier are likely to venture into jobs like stock dealers, insurance and housing agents and prospered hansomely during the boom years of the economy. The mainstream who took the the higher education route become end up as PMETs and eventual victims of FT policies. Even now, the path to riches as middleman brokers for once these 'O' level and secondary dropout used to take are discovered and closed up via regulations as the uni graduates found their lucrativeness and started to move in them, or else the doulble use of education to distract the young and embroiled their mind in the study of tedious academic subjects which they are unlikely to utilise in their occupation life and forgotton once they leave school.

Anonymous said...

whoever told you tony tan built SIT to train locals? for yr own good, be consistent in your arguments: SIT was always built for indians and chinese, just like SMU - fees for locals are sky high because ho pay ho kwon ping's shoe shine boys needed to be paid, fees for FT are even higher but they are all on scholarships thanks to 60% of silliporeans' masochistic tendency to want to keep voting status quo. Because the FT scholars will be the future voters of PAP - the FT schemes are non-negotiable.