Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Singapore inflation numbers 2011 July and comparison

On the month July 2011
Singapore CPI up 5.4%
Malaysia CPI up  3.4%
Indonesia CPI up 4.6%
Thailand CPI up  4.08%

Now in Thailand, our favorite Yingluck has something new and surprising for the people again. She is going to punish speculator and help savers by raising interest rate. This is apart from implementing a minimum wages that is higher than Singapore, see this, and purchasing rice at a higher price level to help poor farmers.

The world elites and their corrupt media cried foul against Yingluck. The elites of the whole world now see Yingluck as their greatest enemy. If she is taken down in the near future, I will not be surprise. Let us pray for Yingluck.

Clearly Singapore is at the bottom of beauty contest. Our neighbours are doing better and better and meantime, the PAP talents seems to be shooting Singapore in the feet. 

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