Sunday, August 14, 2011

Singapore hosts world most profitable casinos 1: Foreigners are enslaving Singaporean

Singapore has the dubious honour to be the host of world's two profitable casino. The Marina Sands and RW Genting have been making monies beyond the wildest dreams.

Giving casino licence to foreigners is an act of treason
PAP always laments hypocritically that we are short of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, this situation is created by PAP on their calculation. PAP could have awarded the gaming licence to local hoteliers and forced foreign casino operators to be minority stake holders. If that has happened, today the world most successful casino would be run by Singaporean. We would have built our gaming brand and we would be able to create casino MNC. Running casino is never difficult.

Unfortunately, the most profitable casino licence in the world went to foreigners, a Malaysian Chinese and a Jew from USA, totally unrelated to us. Nevertheless, history has been repeating itself in the world. There are numerous precedences in which PAP colludes with foreigners to destroy local industries. (will write more about it in future blogs)

Singapore must wake up to the fact that without destroying PAP, we will increasingly be enslaved by foreigners.

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Anonymous said...

That's why China are learning a lot from our mistakes.
Just look at how they have protected and prospered their own local talents from Baidu, Sina, Weibo, RenRen etc as example. On the other hand, they deliberately keep the University allotment low and suppress start-ups entrepreneurs. Everything either went to GLC or Foreigners. Lame Economics.