Saturday, August 27, 2011

The worst central banker in SE Asia: Ravi Menon scores a B

Ravi Menon scores a B in the 2011 ranking among central bankers, see this. His predecessor talent now-minister Heng Swee Keat scored a B as well during his term, see this. Right north of us, in the capital control obsessed Malaysia,  Zeti Akhtar Aziz scores A, along with Philippines and Taiwan. Meanwhile, Thailand, the originator of SE Asian economic in 1997 is still ahead of us, scoring a B+.

Hence, Singapore stands side by side with Indonesia, for having the worst central bankers in SE Asia. Besides, on last July, MAS reported a mysterious lost of S$10.9 billion. No hard question asked by the PAP government. We are getting signs that our reserves may be in trouble.

The actual score of MAS in my opinion, should in fact be F, for being an unrepentant bubble creator, and so, a nefarious institution transferring wealth from workers to the rich.


Anonymous said...

Zeti fully deserved her A, every year since 1998 when Mahathir imposed forex control on her advice leaving annuar to enjoy sotong-mee; as for Ravi, instead of "peanuts beget monkeys" we have money begets monkeys", best example of how low the quality of civil service has gone in sillipore.

Anonymous said...

yes and I remember how the Singapore Authorities were all over themselves running down the idea. Until it worked and they were all agape.
As for Ravi I think he's ok.
B is just about right.