Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rice price hike: The coming of perfect storm

The elites know this very well. They can enslave the citizen in whatever way they like, provided food prices are kept low.

Right now however, it seems that rice price is slated for a belated rise. In Thailand, Yingluck promised to help poor farmers by increasing rice price by 100%. See this. Right after election. PM Yingluck keeps her promise. Immediately plans were announce to hike rice price to 15,000 baht. and this.

Big cheers to Yingluck, and may God bless her forever, may she has a long life and stays beautiful eternally.

Recently in Japan, rice futures has spiked incredibly by 40% triggering circuit breaker, due to a fear of rice shortage because of Fukushima nuclear incident. See this.

Meanwhile, we can be sure that PAP is going to blame Thailand for making us suffering high rice price. The truth is, PAP's high stealth taxation and property inflation has taken away our shock absorbing buffer against food price increase.

In addition gold exploded against Sing dollar right now touching S$2191. MAS is printing monies like crazy screwing everyone of us.

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