Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Singaporean facing extinction: PAP's genocide explain

How to wipe out a tribe
The honest Singapore has always been the backbone of our society. Despite this fact, our PAP government has been extremely effective and utterly relentless in destroying Singaporean. Last year the TFR (total fertility rate) is another record low of 1.16 (each woman give birth to 1.16 baby). Lets pick 1000 people of equal proportion of men and women, and look at the math.

1st generation: 1000 people.
2nd generation: 580 people.
3rd generation: 336 people.
4th generation: 195 people.
5th generation: 113 people.

For every 1000 Singaporean, he will see just 113 great-great-grandson. Within a little more than a century, that 1000 Singaporean will only see their 5th generation reduced by an eye-popping 89%. PAP must have does Hitler proud.

Not true that every developed society will have low TFR 
While its true that as a country prosper, fertility will drop, but experiences from other developed society has demonstrated that low fertility could be reversed. This includes countries like USA, New Zealand, Ireland, France, UK, Iceland...etc, which have fertility rate more or close to 2. In particular France and Iceland accomplish reasonable fertility rate through policies that providing adequate social service and support, as well as regulations to reduce social tensions.

How the genocide works
Our disappointing fertility rate has a lot to do with our stressful lifestyle, high indebtedness due to property and job insecurity. Instead, of improving the above social ills, PAP mass import foreigners, making the matter worse. Meanwhile PAP justify their immigration policies giving reasons that Singaporean are not producing. The relentless influx of foreigners acerbates the exact social ills that sterilize Singaporean.

And when Singapore's fertility rate drops further, PAP import even more foreigners. The vicious cycle goes on and on and it seems that PAP is targeting a fertility rate of zero for Singaporean. When Singaporean has zero baby, PAP can proudly give reasons why they need to import the whole world.

Singapore's demographic time bomb and hell in making
A dodo. Singaporean do away themselves by voting PAP
Even without further immigration, I estimate our population as follows.

Right now at 5 million population, Singapore population will peak at around 5.5 million in 15-20 years time, if current fertility rate of 1.16 continues. If Singapore improve its procreation to TFR of 2.1, which is the ideal case for population planner, our population probably will hit in 20-30 years to about 8-9 million and probably peak at even higher population further down.

In whatever outcome, Singapore's population is likely to explode further. Even if we hit the best outcome of 2.1 TFR, we will still be heading down to disaster of at least 8-9 million of population at a certain point of time. Then, Singapore will be extremely crowded. The property price will rocket stratospherically. At that time, the price of a 5 room HDB flat today may be just enough for a space for toilet bowl. Singapore will be worse than hell.

However, an import of millions more foreigners and a TFR of zero looks more like the outcome instead.


Anonymous said...

Hope you do not mind us using your data. Join us!

Veritas said...

Anyone can use my data. Feel free to take anything.

Anonymous said...

gotta love that dodo. nice touch.


Anonymous said...

Your argument is really lopsided. There are many factors left unconsidered. You are only looking at immigration policy, TFR...HDB prices skyrocket until the price of a 5-rm flat can only buy you a toilet space? Unlikely... More like.. neighbouring countries will develop..MNC will relocate to find cheaper alternatives, workforce...

ken said...

False. The US has a relatively normal fertility rate because of the immigrants and the blacks - who, unfortunately, have less income.

the birth rate of the more privileged caucasians are going down rapidly.

This just reflects that as people move up the ladder in society, they tend to be less focused on raising a larger family.

auto said...

Ah Kong (and his consortium) only wants to see the super rich and slaves in his 'ThisLee Land'. The highly educated middle income will move out of Singapore where they can have better standard of living. Then he will do whatever he likes with no one capable to critizing his policies.

Anonymous said...

Good Sir, before you post a long, angry blog about the PAP's "genocide plan", at least ensure that you insult our government with proper Grammar. Also, I highly doubt that the PAP wishes to wipe out the Singaporean local population.

Anonymous said...

the TFR in places like France and Britain are largely due to Muslim replication. They are forbidden to use contraceptives.

The TFR ( barring China) in ALL East Asian countries are very very low not only in Singapore.
China is a special case where TFR was affected by one child policy.

Veritas said...

France gentile fertility is 1.9 while Muslim is 2.8. Added up, the average fertility is around 2. Even without Muslim, France fertility is close to replacement.

Iceland has almost no Muslim, yet fertility is always above 2.

The East Asia fertility problem is due to landlordism of elites. Instead of going the France way, our elites go the way of FT policy.

So long as FT policy is there to replace the slave, our elites will not give us reasonable life, so that we procreate.