Friday, July 1, 2011

Singapore richest: A bunch of parasites

All except Kuok Khoon Hong got their wealth either through property, usury, speculation, or inheritance. Even for Kuok Khoon Hong, his success is probably more due to his rich uncle Robert Kuok, than bullshit like hard work.

The rich in Singapore are there not because they have create value for society, but due to PAP's policy of asset inflation, transferring wealth from productive citizen to rentier elites. Singapore is the least meritocratic society in the world. Nevertheless, PAP propaganda is successful in convincing many gullible slave citizen.

Now you know why we must pay 30 years housing loan for 99 years HDB.

Above: The German richest not only pay one of the world highest tax, in addition, their companies create jobs, values, and add-on to technological know-how. Non of their primary business is property. 


Anonymous said...

No doubt, these leeches and parasites are the criminal and evils pap hardcore supporter, i hate these hardcore supporter more then the criminal and evil pap, these are the main culprits that is supporting and making the average life of Sinkies suffering in miseries.

They are the No 1 public enemies in most societies if you are mindful enough to study and investigate.


Veritas said...

All nations and races should take down these MOFOS.

We should unite.

If you want to bad mouth Chinese and you say what is true, I support you 100%. There are many scums among our people. Landlordism is a big problem in Chinese culture.

Many idiots here rent seek from us. They are the root cause of our misery.

Anonymous said...

Herewith are more scumbags which could be very interesting for your readers, lol,lol...