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Singapore medical cartel 7: The culprits that cause low Singaporean doctor population

Kwa Soon Bee
Kwa Soon Bee:
Brother of Kwa Geok Choo.

  • Permanent Secretary of Health and Director of Medical Services (1984 - September 1996. 
  • Registrar of the Singapore Medical Council (the 2nd most powerful position in the doctor cartel) (1984 – 1996). 
  • And many other fat appointments ad nauseum....etc.
Lee Suan Yew

Lee Suan Yew
Brother of Lee Kuan Yew.

  • President of the Singapore Medical Council from 2000-2004 (boss of doctor cartel). 
  • President of the National Kidney Foundation (1995-1999).
  • And many other fat appointments ad nauseum....etc.

The above article from Singapore Medical Board, is written by Lee Suan Yew
Kwa Soon Bee, the medical Darth Vader
Hogging as the Permanent Secretary of Health and Director of Medical Services from 1984 to September 1996, Kwa Soon Bee was more responsible than others for the role of keeping doctor population low, so that Singapore medical cartel make scandalous profit on the agony of citizens. This is done by keeping low intake of local medical school. In 1993, Kwa Soon Bee went a step further, by reducing the eligible oversea medical schools from 176 to 28. The minister of health then was Yeo Cheow Tong, a politician widely speculated in the web for involving in scandals and corruptions.

Meanwhile the clown Lee Suan Yew as capacity of president of Singapore Medical Council said "In 1993, there were concerns about an oversupply of doctors leading to increased healthcare costs. To curtail an increasing number of Singaporeans going abroad to study medicine, the number of universities and medical schools in the Schedule was reduced from 176 to 28."

Lee's argument is completely absurd. Oversupply of doctors will instead reduce their wages and this of course, leads to reduction of healthcare costs. And neither did Singapore has any oversupply of doctor, as its doctor density is till date one of the lowest in the world.

Lee and TT Durai
TT Durai
Lee holds many other appointments. One of  his fat appointment is President of the National Kidney Foundation 1995-1999 (click and see the diagram above). Then, NKF was a vehicle of scam for TT Durai, defrauding the donations all over Singapore. The fat cats were paid astronomical salary and very little of the donations went into dialysis.

It is unclear how Lee collude with TT Durai. However, TT Durai was winning lawsuit as he sued for defamation during late 90s when Lee was around in NKF. Only after Lee resigned that SPH started to harass Durai. Six years after Lee's departure, Durai on his way of losing lawsuit in court against SPH. Finally, Durai was jailed after public prosecution in 2008.

Perversion of Medical Cartel
The perversion of our medical cartel goes beyond the most sado-masochistic porn in recent years. It is bad enough to protect our local doctors, keeping supply of medical graduate low. But by keeping most of the foreign doctors out, Singaporean can still console themselves that there is some sort of protection towards people who make their way to the medical school. Today, the medical cartel keep the supply of Singaporean medical graduate low -- so that more foreigners can be imported and paid a higher salary on the expense of Singaporean.

The medical cartel now serves the foreigner, short-changing Singaporean. Singaporean must take down PAP to reclaim back our rightful wealth.

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auto said...

Probably, Singapore should train everyone to become a doctor. Just like India training everyone to be a programmer, export them and earn money when they sent their pay check home hopefully. India has huge problem on brain drained. The cunning Ah Kong realised that it does not make any economic sense to train doctors in Singapore and then they migrated to some first world countries when they can just import them cheaply and they will forever be grateful to Ah Kong. It serves two purposes. Ah Kong only sees dollar signs. He cannot see other things correctly.