Monday, June 6, 2011

Singapore medical cartel 3: Tragedy of a nation

Source: Singapore Medical Council 

PAP is trying to prevent Singaporean from getting higher pay and getting elitist medical education, by limiting medical school intake.  Just 275 Singaporean were newly registered in 2009 to practice medicine. At the same time, 417 foreigners were registered to practice medicine.

Social Engineering

PAP creates division and intense competition among Singaporean students by allowing only a small number of students into medical school. In addition with similar social engineering, the zero sum game ensures Singaporean students are among the most selfish in the world, not willing to share knowledge among classmates. 

Increasing wickedness of PAP

In the past, when someone successfully become a doctor, he would have a bright career because the medical cartel had limited the intake medical school. This is no longer the case today as PAP screwed the doctors by mass importing foreigners, from places like India. 

It seems PAP has a policy of keeping its citizen poor -- even If the citizen have studied and work hard.  

Importing foreigner doctors and preventing Singaporean from studying medicine, Singaporean can only regain freedom by overthrowing PAP.

Data of 2010 are available at later blog.

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