Saturday, May 28, 2011

Singapore population explosion 3. PAP creates artificial unemployment

Above: Divergence of statistic between Singstat and World bank. Singstat telling big lies

Whopping 5% of unemployment rate in Singapore

For a fair large part of 21th century the unemployment rate of Singapore hovers above a whopping 5%, when PAP is trying very hard to import foreigners. You would comprehend the crooked logic of this economics nonsense if you are well aware that PAP is Satan's agent in Singapore.

A fair significant reason for foreigners to be here is to create unemployment.

First, to the rich, at least 5% of the workforce must be keep miserable by unemployment. A full employment rate will drive up wages and emasculate the ability of managers to dominate. Prostitute economist euphemism this as Natural Rate of Unemployment, which is currently being taught in high school economics all over the world.

How about under-employment and part-timers? They will never be captured to make sure PAP looks good.

While Europe and US has similar policies in place, there is nevertheless instituted social welfare system. In Singapore, the propaganda machine is perpetually on full blast accusing the poor "lazy", "stupid", "choosy".

Propaganda and Lies

To justify structural unemployment creation, PAP tells all sorts of big lies.

  • Singapore is a paradise. So loser failed because of their own fault.
  • Downside massage the unemployment statistic by PAP through Singstat. Looking at Singstat statistic, one can always find numerous fine prints. Those fine prints are not to help you to understand statistic. They are there because PAP wants to tell a lie.

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