Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pricing Singapore property in gold 2

The chart illustrate increase of Singapore real estate compared 1960. The property of 2011 is 25 times if priced in SGD, and 1.5 times if priced in gold, compared to property of 1960.

That never stop the pundits from parroting that Singapore dollar is strong and inflation rate is low. The truth is all Singaporean are being duped and robbed by elites by means of currency debasement. Our M1 money supply increases around 8 times since 1990. The value of anything will simply show up when one prices things in gold.

Maybe PAP can blame demand and supply again for increasing price level. So much for our government who claim that they "subsidize" public housing.

The price of 1960 is taken to be 1 unit

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