Monday, May 2, 2011

PAP is bringing Singapore down the road of food crisis

I foresee an imminent worldwide food crisis in the near future due to global warming, over-population, peak oil and soil erosion. The crisis will hit Singapore badly. When the crisis runs it course, all food producing country will halt food export never mind how much monies we pay them.

Are Singapore never be able to be self-sufficient in food production as what our propaganda spinned?

What if PAP has been doing the right thing instead? 

Japan has 49,000 square kilometres of farmland feeding 127 million population. If our population is to be maintained at 2.5 million as per the 80s, we can be self-sufficient with around 950 square kilometres of farmland.

Technology advancement will take agro-productivity further. The state of art rice seed is able to produce around 7,5 tonnes/hectareBase on per capita consumption of 70 kg, a mere 230 sq km of farmland is able to make a 2.5 million population self-sufficient in rice.

Unfortunately, the endless greed of PAP has decided increase our population without sustainability. Our off-spring will suffer the consequences.


Jude said...

Singapore's land area has grown from 581.5 km² in the 1960s to 710.2 km² today, and may grow by another 100 km² by 2033.
and you are suggesting that we place a third of our land mass for farming?
i may not agree with the ruling party most of the times, but this,... is worse than their worst policy.

Veritas said...

I respect your opinion. But I still stand on the ground that, its better to farm those land than using it to host millions of FT.