Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Defaulting CPF 1

CPF minimum sum (MS) will be revised upwards to S$131,000, up from S$123,000. There are many ways to default.

  • Inflate away debt. (CPF interest is lower than inflation)
  • Refusing to pay full amount and let inflation do the rest of the job. (as in raising minimum sum to S$131,000)
  • extending the full payment dateline and let inflation do the rest of the job.
If our government is really concern of inflation hitting our pension fund, she can easily raise CPF interest rate, or allow us to purchase gold as hedging. Instead, PAP is now locking up our monies while turning its money printing press full steam ahead. 

Singaporean are the most avid savers in the world. However, I am sure Straits Time will trumpet Singaporean "over-spend" and have left nothing for retirement.

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