Friday, December 30, 2011

Super Draft Dodger welcome back home as FT, poor man jailed for reporting NS 9 month late

While I wrote in my last posting that Chen Fuquan was jailed for reporting for NS late as he needed to earn income for his poor family, 3in1Kopitiam forum reports that convicted NS defaulter Melvin Tan is coming back home.

Chen Fuquan gets 5 months for reporting NS 9 months late. In comparison, Melvin Tan evading NS for 30 years got -- a fine of S$3000. He has since became a British citizen and has not served a single day.

Adding to the insult, while our judge has condemned poor Chen Fuquan this week, Melvin Tan will be welcome back as FT, giving a performance next week.

NS is only for the poor. There is no rule of law in Singapore. The judges of Singapore are bullies, have zero conscience as well as sense of justice. Here, if you are poor, you are damn. At the same time, the rich get away with whatever felon they committed.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Working to support his family, Singaporean jailed for reporting NS late

Lianhe Zaobao reported





Translated as below

A man who receives a conscription notice was torn between family responsibilities and national service. He decided to evade draft but after 9 months, he report himself to Civil Defence as he felt that he can no longer procrastinate.

Chen Fuquan, 21 years old received 5 month after he admitted his guilt.

The defendant who was not represented by lawyer, pleaded that he love the country, but he love his family more. If he was conscripted at the slated date, his wife and family would have financial difficulties. This has caused him to delay his conscription in order to make more monies.

He also told the judge that he has 2 kids, the elder one being 4 years old and the younger one is 1 month......

The rich, the powerful officially dodge draft. The poor get jail because he need to work to support family while NS will put his family into financial disaster.
On my previous posting , I wrote that a Singaporean is able to go all the way to High Court fighting to dodge draft. That person is obviously rich because buying lawyer and fighting with PAP in the interpretation of constitution cost lots of monies. CMPB even beg him to defer so that he will not need to serve NS after he get rid of SG citizenship after 21.

Other case like Patrick Tan, son of President Tony Tan is a celebrity draft dodger, who pretends that working in DMRI is as good as carry guns.

Our poor man here is being used to make a showcase to the people in Singapore. If you are poor, your family can starve. Your NS pay is miserable and we don't care if your wife and kids goes into ruin. If you want to work and salvage your family, prepare to go to jail.

Why can't SAF/Police/CD paid family dependences allowances?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The new Singaporean/quitter-wannabe freedom fighter

Today, Singapore citizenship is the cheapest of its kind among the world, given out freely by PAP to anyone in the world, on the condition that they come here to screw Singaporeans. Hence, the high idealism of patriotism, defending our motherland have increasingly become a big joke.

Taking other nationalities and flushing our worthless SG passport down the shit bowl is nothing new. Recently, someone manage up the game much further by going to the high court, in order to renounce citizenship that brings him no goodies, but rather heavy penalties of NS. He wants to revert to -- PRC nationality.

CMPB wants to hush everything up by begging him to apply NS deferment until 21 years old, when he is legally able to say "ciao Singapore". He refuses, and decides to bring the fight to high court. Bravado, this man is really my hero.

That is enough to show how people despises SG nowadays.

Lianhe Zaobao reported.






Translated as follows.
A HK born young man who has failed to forsake SG citizenship ask High Court to review the decisions of ICA and CMPB. The 2 organization reiterate that a citizen can only forgo his citizenship after 21 years old, and the man has to serve NS, unless a deferment is granted.

Zhang Junyi, (16 years old) wrote last October to ICA, which one year before his registration of NS, about his desire to forgo SG citizenship.....

ICA throw out the case citing SG Constitution 128-1, which states that Singaporean can only give up citizenship at 21 years old, not even parents are able impose the wish onto the person.

And 128-2 states that before giving up the pink IC, a person must duly serve the NS as per all male Singaporeans.

CMPB suggested him to apply for NS deferment, which will be considered. (Try to hush things up and hope that Zhang come back to apply dropping citizenship after 21. Zhang don't buy that)

Zhang is unhappy with the decision of ICA and CMPB. Last month, his father appeal to the High court on his behalf. 

Foreigners rightly despising Singapore
The sick FT policy that is the proud brainchild of LKY is exactly the main reason foreigners despise us. In case of Zhang, he wouldn't wait 3 years until 21 to say bye bye SG even though CMPB will grant him a deferment. He wants back his PRC nationality immediately.

NS is a joke today
Zhang is right not to serve the NS. For me, I cannot see the purpose of NS as well. You slave in NS for the best 2 years of your life. During NS, officers will yell "fxxk" on you, and even if you are abused, you must still stooge. Else, the wicked army will court-martial and throw you into the cage. When you are out of conscription, you loose out 2 precious years in the job market compared to FT.

I forecast there will be more and more high profile dumping of SG citizenship in the future. The stayers will be increasingly demoralized. 

One day, every citizen may just pack up and leave. PAP can have Singapore with all their foreigners they relish.   
If Singapore is so good as what PAP has described, would there still be 1000 Singaporeans giving up citizenship each month. (Correction: The number is 1000 Singaporeans give up citizenship each year )

Tell me who has ever heard Dubai-ese, Swiss or Qatari giving up their citizenship? Because Singapore is such a hell, that according to survey, most cannot wait to get out of here when chances arrive.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Greatest Singaporean Hero Part 3: Robert Kho-Seng Lim 3

The Scientist
Robert Kho-Seng Lim received the M.B. and Ch.B. degrees from Edinburgh University in 1919.

In the Medical School of Edinburgh University, Lim quickly established himself as a protégé of Sir Edward Sharpey-Schafer, the Professor of Physiology, and as an undergraduate he worked in the Physiology Laboratory on problems suggested by Sharpey-Schafer. Immediately upon graduation, he was appointed Lecturer in Physiology with responsibility for teaching histology. The next year Lim presented the results of his research to earn the Ph.D.

Going to China
In the autumn of 1922, Lim applied to the China Medical Board of New York for a fellowship to enable him to study in European and American universities. His application was immediately welcomed by Roger S. Greene, the Board's Secretary. Greene knew Lim Boon Keng by reputation, and the day before he received Lim's letter he had been told about Lim by the Chinese Minister to the United States. Greene asked Lim whether, if he received a fellowship, he would be willing to take a year's appointment at the Peking Union Medical College.

The best Medical School and hospital in China (even today)
The Peking Union Medical College PUMC had been developed by the China Medical Board with an endowment from the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1915 the Board, with the advice of W. H. Welch and Simon Flexner, had bought the missionary-founded Union Medical College in Peking and had begun to build a medical school along Western lines. The aims of the school were "to give medical education comparable with that provided by the best medical schools in the United States and Europe

Working in University of Chicago
Lim received the fellowship and worked only in the Department of Physiology of the University of Chicago. That laboratory was the only one in the country with a current reputation in gastrointestinal physiology.

Working in China, the first Chinese HOD in PUMC
In 1924, Lim left Chicago for Peking, China. China Medical Board recommended that Lim be made an Associate Professor in physiology at P.U.M.C. P.U.M.C. made him a Visiting Professor with no increase in salary over that previously offered. In September of 1925 the trustees of the school made him Head of the Department of Physiology.

By means of transplanted and perfused stomachs, Lim studied gastric metabolism and the control of secretion. His most important result was the demonstration that feeding olive oil inhibits secretion by a transplanted pouch of the stomach.

Working with pupils and colleagues from other departments, Lim did three other substantial pieces of physiological research at P.U.M.C. He found a pressor center in the lateral parts of the floor of the IV th ventricle between the levels of the acoustic stria and the inferior fovea.

After 1949
After the defeat of KMT by communist in 1949, Lim went to USA where he spent his final years in relative seclusion in research lab.

All info taken from NAS website

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Greatest Singaporean Hero Part 2: Robert Kho-Seng Lim 2

The General
At the outbreak of the First World War, Lim volunteered and was assigned to the Indian Army in France as a warrant officer. His job was to drill recruits, and the young sons of Maharajas who had joined the colors objected to being ordered around by a young "Chinaman."

In 1916, Lim was allowed to return to Edinburgh for medical studies, and he received the M.B. and Ch.B. degrees in 1919. On the same year, he was commissioned Lieutenant, in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

As the Japanese attacks began, Lim founded the Chinese Red Cross Medical Relief Commission in 1937. He was the Director of Chinese Red Cross Medical Relief Corps. Its field units first saw service when the Japanese moved against Shanghai. When fighting spread along the Great Wall, Lim had twelve medical units which treated over 20,000 casualties.

By 1940, the Chinese Red Cross, under Lim's direction, operated convoys, depots, and medical units. The units, now forty-nine in number, provided treatment and nursing services for the wounded; ambulance units, each with 120 stretcher bearers, brought the wounded, who otherwise would have been left on the field to die, into makeshift hospitals. Lim had by then inaugurated a school designed to train 200 men a month as hospital attendants and stretcher bearers.

Lim built at Kweiyang the largest medical center in wartime China, and he was appointed Inspector General of the Medical Services in 1941. During 1942-1944, Lim was attached to the Chinese expedition army into Burma, where he served as the Inspector General of Medical Service.

Following the defeat of the Chinese armies in 1942, Lim accompanied General Joseph Stilwell in the retreat through Burma. The troops finally arrived in Assam, India.

He earned the friendship and admiration of Stilwell. When President Roosevelt ordered Stilwell to confer the Order of Merit upon Chiang Kai-shek, Stilwell said: ''It will make me want to throw up."Stilwell was allowed, as an anti-emetic, to pin the same decoration on Lim.

On 1945-1949, Lim was the Surgeon General and Lieutenant General, Chinese Army. He turned down the job of Minister of Health at the late 1940s.

Most information taken from NAS.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Greatest Singaporean Hero Part 1: Robert Kho-Seng Lim 1

Ever since PAP came to power, it has been endeavouring to depoliticize Singapore, hoping to make everyone a mercenary creature. Making Singaporeans forget about our collective history, to be oblivious to giants, are few aspects of such depolitization.

Today, the only "great man" Singaporeans are more aware is Lee Kuan Yew, who is actually a rascal. Other than him, Singaporeans can name a few more including Stamford Raffles or probably Lim Bo Seng without knowing finer details about their life.

The protagonist of this article Robert Kho-Seng Lim, is the greatest, the most intelligent, the most courageous, the most virtuous......etc Singaporean ever. He is forgotten by every Singaporeans, because Lee Kuan Yew desires such thing to happen. His name is not mentioned in textbook, nor in mass media.

Ironically. he was fondly remembered by doctors in China and Taiwan. The best doctors are his students. PRC and ROC medical school fight hard to claim Lim as their heritage.

Lim's Popularity on Internet

30,600 results on Google

50,800 results on Baidu
If we google and Baidu his name, 30,600 and 50,800 results show up. How can Singaporeans abandon such a person when so many people (a large numbers of these Chinese website are written by doctors )  wants to claim his heritage.

1924-1938 Professor and Head, Department of Physiology, Peking Union Medical College (the best doctor school and hospital in China even until today, Lim was the first Chinese HOD)
1926  Founded Chinese Physiological Society 中国生理学会
1930s President of the Chinese Medical Association and Chairman of the North China Council for Rural Reconstruction
Director, Emergency Medical Service Training School
1942 Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences 

China Military's Surgeon General and Lieutenant (Chief MO), holding rankof Lieutenant General
1946 Founded National Defense Medical Center 国防医学院
(now the premier institution of medical training and pharma industries in Taiwan )
1948  Offered portfolio of Ministry of Health of China but he turned down.

Great Britain: 1914-1915 Star; General Service Medal, Victory Medal, 1918

United States: Legion of Merit, Officer Grade, 1943; Medal of Freedom with
Silver Palms, 1946

Republic of China: Kan Ching Medal; Chung Ching Medal; Sheng Li Medal;
Yun Hui Order, 1st Class; Victory Medal, 1945

Greatest Scientist from Singapore
Lim was the greatest scientist not only in Singapore, but the Numero Uno Chinese scientist. He is the first Chinese and ONLY Singaporean to be made associate ( equivalent to member because member is only given to US citizen) of US National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Many Singaporeans have no idea about the prestige of NAS membership. To put it simply, it is ultra-prestigious, probably next to Nobel prize in terms of commending natural science achievements. During the period of 37 years, from 1942 to 1979, merely 8 Chinese were members of NAS. Out of these 8, 4 or 50% of them won the Nobel prize.



Robert Kho-Seng Lim

1958 吳健雄Chien-Shiung Wu
1962 林家翹 Chia-Chiao Lin
1964 李政道 Tsung-Dao Lee Nobel prize
1965 楊振寧 Chen-Ning Franklin Yang  Nobel prize
1977 丁肇中 Samuel C. C. Ting Nobel prize
1978 田炳耕 Ping King Tien
1979 李遠哲 Yuan-Tseh LeeNobel prize

Singaporeans are intelligent. Why are we not producing any more academic giants after PAP and the MOE laid their hands on educating us?


Monday, December 19, 2011

Chia Thye Poh commended

Largely blackout by English media, Lianhe Zaobao reports that Chia Thye Poh receives the Lim Lian Geok Spirit Award.








Translate as below.
Former political detainee Chia Thye Poh receives the Lim Lian Geok Spirit Award in view of his love and fight for the mother tongue (Chinese) education.

Chia said "I have receives much but contributed little towards Chinese and Nanyang University. Compared to those who sacrifices long time in silence, I am really nothing. This award should be rightly belonged to those who love Chinese education and Nanyang University".

Chia was borned in Singapore, graduated 1961 from Nanyang University, 3rd batch of physics graduate. During 1963, he won a seat of parliament representing Jurong constituency. He was arrested on 1966 under ISA and was released as late as 1998.

The reason for winning the award is being "prisoner of conscience, perseverance in idealism, fearless under incarceration, manifesting the spirit of Nanyang University. This is coherent with Lim Lian Geok spirit of standing firm under pressure of physical harm and under the lure of wealth".

Chia said "University is not an ivory tower. The value of university does not depend of good facilities, but most importantly on character, on its zeitgeist, and on answering the call of people; on cultivating people into somebody who are patriotic, who love human values, who contribute to human advancement and to the peace of the world".

He pointed that the founding of Nanyang University is as what Tan Lark Sye had said, the crystallization of the guts and aspiration of 3 million Chinese". It was force out of business by Singapore government.

He cited a phrase from Lim Leong Geok "One can destroy our body, but our spirit will prevail".

Chia is coming back home.
Malaysian newspaper reported. Asked if he would make his first public appearance in the island nation, he said he would wait for the "right occasion" to do so.

Chia's word make more sense
Today no public figure in Singapore is able to speak like Chia. Singapore has been so corrupted by PAP. The words like "Liberty, equality, fraternity" could never have come out from the mouth of PAP.

Only Chia has the towering figure to shake us back to the right mind. Chia is our hero and moral compass, a beacon of defiant facing the tyrants.


Chia receiving award

Chia (Right) and Lim Chin Siong. Chia set the world record of being locked up longer than Nelson Mandela. Lim was later thrown into the mental hospital. Lim could have become our prime minister. British handed the security apparatus to LKY who then used it against political opponents is the real reason behind his downfall.  

Friday, December 16, 2011

USA enacts its own ISA

Al Jazeera reported. US lawmakers legalise indefinite detention.

A new US law declares the world a battlefield, making virtually anyone vulnerable to indefinite military detention.

While it's known that the US has used indefinite detention of suspects in its "war on terror", Congress has voted to make the same treatment legal for US citizens apprehended within the US.

The House of Representatives passed the 2012 National Defence Authorisation Act (or NDAA) on Wednesday and Senate approved it on Thursday. But the Senate had already passed one version of the bill on December 1, with 93 votes in favour of and seven against - a remarkable margin.

Provisions in the bill codify an approach that allows for endless detention of US citizens and non-citizens picked up anywhere in the world. They also gives the US military the option to detain US citizens suspected of participating or aiding in terrorist activities without a trial, indefinitely.

A person can be detained "under the law of war without trial until the end of the hostilities", the bill states. The hostility in question here is the "war on terror", and at the moment, it seems to have no end.

The developed world is regressing on democracy
The democracy of the developed world, reached its pinnacle thanks to -- communism. Then the rich were petrified after seeing their cousins murdered and looted by angry peasants in Russia, as well as facing their own restive people at home.

To counter the revolution, they transferred their wealth to the people, resulting in flourish of democracy, equality and prosperity. After the fall of USSR, all these are no longer necessary.

To oppress the angry peasants, taking down some democracy is now extremely desirable to the rich.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An analysis of Indian Part 5: High caste Indians are rapists

Yes, high caste Indians are rapists and our FT Indians are overwhelmingly drawn from these folks. I am not over generalizing. Already they have been indicted by scholars and anthropologist. Their act of sexual violent is not an isolated event, but an act of intimidation and exploitation against the Dalits. These rapes are in fact institutional.

Dalits and Human Rights: Dalits: the broken future

 By Prem Kumar Shinde [links]

Human Rights Watch

 By Fédération internationale des droits de l'homme [links]

Truth About Dalits By Oliver D'Souza [links]

According Prem Kumar Shinde who is Indian himself, in 1991 alone there were an astonishing 2 million cases of rape targeting Dalits.

I wrote earlier in my blog as follow about Nepal. Al Jazeera report the Maoist revolution was largely motivated by long-standing and extreme abuse and exploitation of poor rural people by a small, landowning elite. An upper-middle-class friend of mine, whom I used to tease for being a "feudalist”, admitted to me that he knew people who had raped Tharu (indigenous) women and thought little of it. But although he empathised with those who joined the revolution, he could not bear the thought that his privileges might come to an end if the revolution was successful.

The parasitic class of high caste Indian
The way of high caste Indian to survive is racism and exploitation-- of course rape as a way of terrorizing and humiliating the honest people. This is done since 5000 years ago, by a conspiracy of denying the rest of the people a good job. After deprivation, high caste Indian start their sexual exploitation, under the auspice of corrupt judge and government who are formed by high caste Indians themselves.

Today, Citibank and Standard Chartered bank have already shown signs of HR disasters. Singaporeans are being kicked out to make way for Indians from India. I am 100% sure that after they completed their 1st phase target of daliting the Singaporeans economically, their old tricks like rape will come next.

Many many books depict rape as a institution of high caste Indians against Dalits. If Singaporeans find difficulties in working with FT Indians (they are drawn from high caste Indians), you will know why after reading my blogs. These people do not want to work with us, they want to kick us out.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Singaporeans under attack by FT Indians 6: Rape committed by mercenary FT Indian (from Kuan Yew's memoir)


新加坡警察部队里的西克教徒, 共有650人......他们是英国人从旁遮普招募来的......他们在森路平民集中营担任守卫时凶神恶煞,仗势欺人的恶行无人不知,市面上传说被拘留的英国妇女也遭他们凌辱。殴打起平民来,他们是警察当中最凶狠的。战后这批警察全被解雇,送回印度,过后再也不从旁遮普招募警察。

The above passages are from Chinese version of Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew page 95 regarding events during the Japanese occupation. I do not have the English version at home. Translate in English as below.

Worse than new master (Japanese)
The Sikh police contingent of 650 men are recruited by Brits from Punjab. Their atrocities including viciousness and bullying are well-known when they were guards in "" road concentration camp. There were rumours they have raped British female detainees. They were the most violent in beatings of civilian (even worse than Japanese Kempeitai). After the war, they were fired and kicked back to India. Henceforth no police are recruited from Punjab.

The FT Indian mercenary who served in Malaya
The FT Indians who served here were the high caste Indian, the British termed Martial race. Unfortunately, high caste Indians were known to sexually abuse the low caste in their home country. Although the situation has somehow improved in India, it is still very common for high caste Hindus to rape the Dalits in Nepal, even in today. Rape of Dalits in Nepal was reported in a passage of an article by Al Jazeera some times back.

What happened when Singaporeans were made Dalits
The FT Indians having poisoned by racism in India for 5000 years showed their true colour once people around them were made Dalits. This actually happened during the Japanese occupation time whereby locals and the Europeans are made de facto Dalits by Japanese.

Towards the European women who were made "Dalits" by the Japs, the Sikhs police vented their animal sexual lust. LKY even indicated that they were worse than Japanese. Towards the civilian, they were the worst tyrant.

The most shameless Sikh contingent
The worse thing about this Sikh gendarme is just a moment ago, they had been recruited by British to protect Malaya. They stooge towards the Brits when Brits were in power. They did not martyred fighting the Japanese, instead they volunteered their services to the Japanese victors. They then out done the Japs in cruelty and sexual perversion. They raped their former masters' woman folks.

Who on earth can do such things other than the most scumbag?

The Singaporeans neo-Dalits of today
Before, the FT Indians came here by self-bragging and convincing the British that they have brawns. They turned out to be the most pervert, most cruel and most coward.

Today, FT Indians come here by telling everyone that they have brains. Once they become the manager, they "cannot" find suitable employee among Singaporeans. Only those that are shipped in from India meet the cuts. (Only PAP believes). At the same time, they kick out whatever Singaporeans they can.

In Citibanks, Stand Chart, and by observation many foreign banks in Shenton Way are already full of FT Indians. They bring their racism to Singapore. Any Taxi driver will tell you horrible stories regarding these FT Indians (almost 100% have been bullied by FT Indians). The locals are bullied on a daily basis.

The nouveau riche FT Indians buy up all the posh condos, drive cars enjoying the lifestyle that should be rightfully belong to Singaporeans. All the wealth are backed by nothing other than racism and condemnation of smart Singaporeans workers. PAP is going to celebrate itself by creating a neo-Dalits caste with the help of FT Indians.

The Brits kicked all these coward, pervert, vicious mercenary FT Indians back home. Ironically LKY brings them back here to help to make Singaporeans Dalits.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Singapore inflation numbers 2011 Ootober and comparison

On the month August 2011On the month Ootober 2011, CPI increase as below
Singapore 5.4%
Malaysia 3.4%
Indonesia 4.42%
Thailand 4.19%

Singapore has been champion of ugly contest for many months.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Housing price correction: Banksters take the $, the people pay the price

Bloomberg reported. China’s home prices fell in 33 of 70 cities monitored by the government in October, the worst performance since it expanded property curbs and scrapped the reporting of national average housing data this year.

On the backdrop of property cooling in the region, finally PAP take some real action
AsiaOne reported. THE Government announced new measures yesterday to cool the housing market.

Foreigners who buy private homes will have to pay an additional stamp duty equal to 10 per cent of the property value.

Who benefit and who lost in this game
The biggest winner are banks. Rising and falling property do not impact their revenue stream. On the basis of fractional reserve banking, they may earn more than 30% of interest on your loan. ( However they are good at giving an illusion of charging 5% interest).

Landlord and property developer make some loses, nevertheless, they have already been making scandalous profit during the boom years. They will still be unbelievably rich, despite the cooling, unless they have foolishly overleverage themselves.

The biggest loser
The people of Singapore are the mother of all suckers. Those who buy at the peak, may see their networth go negative. These people will need to service the banks for their whole life, leaving nothing for themselves unless property price recover.

Best way to deleverage property is not to cool property price, but to raise workers' salary
Cooling the property hurts the people. The best solution out of this mess is to stabilize the property price, meanwhile gradually raising the workers's wages. At the same time, SGD must be allowed to depreciate in relation to rising workers' salary. This will ensure competitiveness and also the depreciation must be calibrated that the purchasing power our workers' remain unchanged on real-terms. Besides, CPF interest rate must be raise as well to preserve our savings.

This solution has its problem -- it hit elite hard (a difficult topic that I am not able to explain in few words on why this affects the elites). The pain of deleveraging property price will then be transfered to the elites rather than on Singaporeans.

Right now, Singaporeans are paying 100% on the stupid mistakes and crimes of our elites.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

À la recherche du temps perdu 2: Chinese elite forces in World War II

The German trained divisions
The truth of World War 2 is often not what governments in the current world order want us to believe. Germany had been an ally of China until early 1940s, very often acting against the interest of Japan, the other member of Axis.

The German trained divisions of China are the best unit at the start of war. The German started training Chinese around late 1934. The Chinese had only 2 years to prepare. In view Chinese emergence, Japan started World War 2 in 1937. Then, only 8 division are fully trained by German.

For China, the war started 2 years early. There are pundits who wrote that if Japan had invaded 2 years later, China would be able to defeat Japan.

These divisions were able to neutralized Japan effectively. Tragically, they were out-numbered and were almost completely decimated within the first few months of the war. Nevertheless, their courage has bought time for China in moving all important infrastructure to the hinterland.

Chinese wearing the German Helmet

Business trip for Chinese officers to racist Germany (I will blog more
regarding Nazi racism that people want us to believe. I am not saying
 evil Nazi is good but truth is more than what is being portrayed)

The American trained divisions
Many thought that being an ally of USA against Japan, China would have receive significant help. This is not entirely correct. Substantial US aid to China only came much later. It was the German who has trained the best Chinese troops in the earlier stage.

The US trained divisions started to see actions as late as 1944. In total, a total of 6 divisions fully trained by the American served under the command of New 1st Army and New 6th Army. These crack troops annihilated all opposing Japanese units.

With proper trainings and equipments, the brave Chinese soldiers are among the best in the world.

General Sun Li-Jen 孙立人, CO of New 1st Army. He graduated from Tsinghua  University, the best engineering school in China even for today. He was a star basketball player. He earned a scholarship to US, studying in Purdue University. Later he studied in Virginia Military Institute. 

New 1st Army officers with US service women. 

General Robert Kho-Seng Lim 林可胜, who had served in the New 1st Army. He is a SINGAPOREAN. He is the  most clever, most courageous Singaporeans ever .

Monday, December 5, 2011

À la recherche du temps perdu 1:

The destruction of Chinese language and culture is the single most important reason of my loath towards PAP. Recently liar LKY wrote a book, "My Lifelong Challenge: Singapore's Bilingual Journey", trying to emulate Pontius Pilate, to exonerate himself the crime of killing Chinese culture and language.

He knows that on the day of China's emergence, his name will go down shit hole in history. Hence he is trying very hard to profile himself as a champion of Chinese. He tried to explain..etc.. all sorts of bullshit.

One thing he can't explain. Why has Hong Kong preserve their culture and language while we lost them. Hong Kong was ruled by British 34 more years after the British has left Singapore.

The reason is that even the Brits respect the Chinese culture. Although the Brits has tried to suppress Chinese culture, they could not equal the intensity and hatred of what Kuan Yew has done in Singapore.

Nevertheless, the ideal Chinese society has long gone with the ascend of communist. I always nostalgic of the romantic period 1895-1949. It is Chinese society at its best form. It will never be back.

The time lost
For many Chinese intellect, the era of 1895 - 1949 is the best and worst time in modern history of China. It was an era of social freedom, personal liberty, science and humanity advancement. At the same time, this was also a period of national crisis. For many Chinese, many good things were lost when communist took over. We have lost much of the culture, moral values, due to the wicked communist.

KMT China 1911-1949
KMT China is the most Romantic period. It was featured in numerous themes movies. The photos and advertisement below are works in 1992 by the late Mike Chu Ka-Ting 朱家鼎. He was the husband of one of the most famous actress Cherie Chung 鍾楚紅.

The work is really a masterpiece. I believe we will never see such genre in the future. The new generation of Chinese, even those in HK and ROC has changed. Many of the good traditional values, culture and sense of beauty are forgotton.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

An analysis of Indian Part 4: Rape is common act among FT Indians

Al Jazeera report the Maoist revolution was largely motivated by long-standing and extreme abuse and exploitation of poor rural people by a small, landowning elite. An upper-middle-class friend of mine, whom I used to tease for being a "feudalist”, admitted to me that he knew people who had raped Tharu (indigenous) women and thought little of it. But although he empathised with those who joined the revolution, he could not bear the thought that his privileges might come to an end if the revolution was successful.

Who are the Tharu? They are the direct descendent of most clever people that have given us Buddha. They are deemed the most stupid by the high caste Brahmins. Another theory is by exploiting and marginalizing the Tharu, the Brahmins have created the most stupid people from once the cleverest and wisest people. (Next target is Singaporeans) The recent wave of migration, has resulted in immigration of people from other areas to claim the fertile land, making many Tharus virtual slaves of the new landowners and developing the Kamaiya system of bonding generations of Tharus families to labour. [wikipedia] (Domestic FT displacing the aboriginals)

Who are those Nepalist landlord? The are the upper caste Indian FT whose fathers started migrating there 2500 years ago from the Indus and ganges plains. In fact, sexual abuses of Dalits are not uncommon in India until the reform by Nehru reined the upper caste Indians. For more info, LKY despises Nehru. Nepal is the only Hindu country in the world until 2006.

In fact, when the FT Indians came to Nepal and take over the country, they make themselves high caste officially and forcibly, made all the other aboriginal lower caste (some are much lower than the others). Nepal descends to hell.

Further to the east, similarly along the foothill of Himalayas, Bhutan being Sino-Tibetan as many of Nepal aboriginal is the happiest nation in the world, even though they are poor. The reason is that Bhutan far from the heartland of Hindic civilization, has barely able to escape the immigration of FT Indians.

In short, both aboriginal of Sino-Tibetan Nepalis and Bhutanese are essentially same racial stock. Nepalis are now the one of most miserable country in the world because of FT Indian imposing their racism there.

Today, we are seeing FT Indians taking over Singapore and unwittingly Singaporeans are already Dalits. The FT Indians will play their old tricks wherever they go. In years to come, we will be like Nepal. Those Brahmins will start raping our woman. I foresee that at that time, not only SAF will not defend our country, but every Singaporeans will be eagerly hoping that Malaysia throw in divisions of their army to liberate us.

A recent article in Transitioning website indicates that the persecution of Singaporeans by FT Indians is getting harsher each day. The followings are some of its highlights. On the day of the interview with the preselected Indian candidates, the director purposely came along with me into the interview room. Half way through the conversation, he conducted the interview in Tamil and they were happily chatting away. . The director turned to me and told me: “ Put in the interview report that YOU ( meaning I) recommend this Indian candidate and submit the report to him”. He will put the report up to his management for approval. So, it appeared that he is not the person doing the interview and recruitment but the candidates was recommended by me and approved by his boss.

Today Singaporeans are deemed the most stupid and most untouchable by FT Indians. They are deputies of PAP helping to destroy Singaporeans.

While Singaporeans are suffering, the rich are getting richer

When PAP tried convincing us the merits of COE, they told us that Singapore is too small. Too small and so we must control car population.

At the same time, they keep telling us that Singapore is too big, and the population is too little, hence, we need to import FT.

In reality PAP are a bunch of mad and wicked maggots, who cannot be consistent on their words. Their vision is to dracula Singaporeans dry and enrich the most unproductive leeches, especially the bankers, landlord and million dollar government employees. The key instrument of plundering is FT policies which massively benefit the elites.

Recently, COE prices rocketed after Lui Tuck Yew rigged its supply giving reason that the land in Singapore is limited. At the same time, LKY keep on barking on importing more FT. When there are more FT, PAP can harp more about limited land.

According to AsiaOne, high-end names such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are expected to make up for more than half of new cars sales next year.

This is due to the lower number of certificates of entitlement available next year, which predetermines the number of cars sold.

I bet all those buyers hail from the most parasitic element of the society, especially finance and property, profited by the crazy FT policy. Now, we are having a society full of limousine and sportscar on one hand, and ultra poor people on the other. Many Singaporeans are put into housing debt of 30 years so that the rich get even richer. We are already in a textbook situation of Marxist revolution. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

PAP does an inverse Robin hood again: Property tax to rise

CNA reported. Most owners will have to pay more in property tax for their HDB flats in 2012.

Taking 2010 and 2011 together, market rents have risen by around 20%-28%. Accordingly, the annual values of all HDB flats will be revised from 1 January 2012.

In Singapore, property tax is calculated base on rent. If you have a small house with a football field size garden, you may pay a lower property tax than a HDB dweller if your living space is smaller.

The middle class got another hit again.

If PAP wants monies, they should get it from the rich. They can get more than they need by taxing just merely 1% of land value instead. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Singaporeans have worst bosses in Asia Pacific 1: We are worse than India

AsiaOne reportedmany employees here feel that bosses do not do enough to prepare them for success or give enough recognition for good work.

The finding ranks Singapore the lowest out of seven territories in the Asia-Pacific.

India ranks the highest, at 64 per cent.

Employees may work long hours, but employers may not recognise and reward such efforts, he said.

He added that employers "may focus more on immediate revenue-generating plans" rather than grooming their team.

Most Singapore bosses employ employees "to do a job" rather than develop their career, said Mr Terence Mak, chief executive of 3rd Planet, an online interactive 3-D travel portal.

When people do not see opportunities to grow, "complacency sets in...and good staff have issues and start blaming their bosses", he said.

What workers think of their bosses Less than half, or 46 per cent of 900 respondents in Singapore, feel that their efforts at work are recognised and rewarded.

Only 37 per cent of respondents believe their bosses have done a good job in preparing them for success.

Forty-one per cent said they were not prepared well. The rest were uncertain.

Nearly half of the respondents, or 48 per cent, described their organisation's leadership culture as either "empowering" or "inclusive".

However, 30 per cent described it as "authoritative" or "oppressive". The rest responded either "don't know" or "other".

Half of the respondents would be willing to recommend their current employer to a friend or acquaintance.

Singaporeans have already been destroyed by PAP
Other than that, the lazy French who worked 40% less hours than us are actually more productive by 58%, despite that we are much more clever and hardworking than them.

And very clearly, our miserable states are actively relished by PAP, who has longed design it to be so.

FT Policy is instrumental in oppressing people
PAP has no regards in efficiency or productivity. PAP's only aim is to get the top job and oppress the people. The shortage of labor forces stand in the way of PAP's wicked ambition.

Labor shortages are something most desirable for well being of country and economy. On that situation, boss will be force to improve on management skills and to raise salary. PAP hates that sort of things.

So PAP open that flood gate making Singaporeans face competition on the global basis. Bosses are empowered. Whenever a boss fires someone, he can find another one out of 7 billion people all over the world.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Update on gold

First gold shipment back Venezuela
Chavez did his country a great job by shipping its gold back from London. Now those western banksters are not able to lay their hands on Venezuela's gold, unless they are prepare to send in tenths of division.

Venezuela has begun to repatriate the South American nation's gold treasures held in Western banks in a move to protect the country against economic crises in the United States and Europe, a report says.

President Chavez has described the move as an act of sovereignty that will protect Venezuela's reserves from global economic turbulence.

"It's coming to the place it never should have left. ... The vaults of the central bank of Venezuela, not the bank of London or the bank of the United States. It's our gold," Chavez said on national television.

Every countries now buying gold like crazy
Bloomberg reported "Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia Raise Gold Reserves in October".

Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Belarus and Mexico added a combined 25.7 metric tons of gold valued at $1.38 billion to reserves in October, a month after prices rose to a record.

The most "talent" GIC buys shares while others buy bullion. Singaporeans get ready to be screwed. Why can't GIC fired everyone, close shop and use all our monies to buy gold? PAP really want nothing but destroying us. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wong Kan Seng on Vietnam invasion of Cambodia

AsiaOne reported that Wong Kan Seng said "Even though Singapore did not agree with the country's Khmer Rogue regime, it had to make a stand against Vietnam's invasion of Cambodia in 1978.".

According to Wong, Singapore seems to respect absolute sovereignty of government in a country. It seems that Singapore is against regime change even though the tyrants then is the wicked genocidal Khmer Rouge. Nevertheless on 2002, Kuan Yew was one of the cheerleader of USA invading Iraq with phoney charges of WMD. [links]

Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew said late Monday that a regime change in Iraq is required and military strikes against the country are seen as the only option to get rid of President Saddam Hussein.

''Few doubt that the U.S. will act to remove Saddam unless he hands over his weapons of mass destruction,'' Lee said at Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp's 125th anniversary dinner in Singapore late Monday.

''The U.S. will have to attack before the end of winter in March, next winter might be too late,'' Lee added.

Is Singapore respecting sovereignty, or is Singapore in favor of foreign intervention of regime change for removal of tyrant? In my opinion, the PAP government are none of those two above. First of all, PAP are mad people who cannot even be coherent in their own speech. Second, PAP has no ideology, they are just underlings of USA.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Indian minister of agriculture slapped: The trouble of rising food price

Sharadchandra Govindrao Pawar, currently serves as Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, was slapped by a youth named Harvinder Singh over charges on corruption and food price Rise. Such protest will get more frequent as food price seems not able to stop ascending.

Historically, elites could not stop despising the people until the moment they saw the guillotine. The slap is just a prelude like a kiss from a brood. If the elites persist on business as usual, they may soon regret.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

High pay is corrosive

Reported by BBC ,the high salaries of UK executives are "corrosive" to the economy, the High Pay Commission has argued. Its study lists a 12-point plan to stop "high pay creating inequalities last seen in the Victorian era".

These include forcing companies to publish a pay ratio between the highest paid executive and the company median.

Its year-long inquiry found that the pay of top executives at a number of FTSE companies had risen by more than 4,000% on average in the last 30 years.

Mr Cable said the vast disparities in pay were not good for society, and he would consider the proposals seriously.

He said: "It's not right that we have the situation that's been happening over the last decade where we have vast extreme awards paid on completely unrelated to the performance of companies.

"And that's not good for the consumers, it's not good for people who own the companies, it's not good for the people who work for them, and that's really got to be addressed."

Talent theory was called upon again by those corporate cabal.

However, Richard Evans, president of PepsiCo in the UK and Irish Republic, told the BBC that the UK has to be competitive with the rest of the world.

"If we want great people to come and work in the UK, given it's a global talent pool, we've got to be prepared to pay the amount of money that those executives can get elsewhere in the world," he said.

PAP have you heard that?

Monday, November 21, 2011

An analysis of Indian Part 3: The purest Aryan Indians hate Indians most Part 1

Indus Valley and demarcation of India and Pakistan. Today more than
90% of Indus valley are in the hands of someone who happily follow Islam.
The country name of the country India well as its religion, Hinduism come from Indus river. Today 90% of Indus river valley lies in 97% Muslim Pakistan -- the sworn enemy of India.

To make comparison about the humiliation of India, it is as though China lost her Yellow River and or Germany lost her Rhine.

Boy the world must be crazy. Why is that so?

Today birth places of Hinduism breed the most fanatic Islamist
Pakistan is the cradle of Hinduism are now Islam. Afghan which straddle between Hinduism and Buddhism on one hand, and Persian Zoroastrianism is today the most fundamentalist Islamist.

The birth place of Hinduism are 97% ISLAM and people there hate Indians like mad. The purest Indian Aryan are found in Pakistan not India. Further down Ganges plain to the east and Deccan Plateau to the south, the Dravidian admixture get stronger. (Afghanistan is frontier of Hindic civilization. Part of Afghanistan went into ancient Indian empires when those empire are the strongest). Mohenjo Daro and Harapa, the oldest archaeological site of Hindus valley civilization are found in Pakistan.

Buddha of Bamiyan Afghanistan, blown up by Taliban. The ancestors of Talibans were pious Buddhist.

The high caste Indian despises people of low social standings making a Dalits caste for them since more than 3000 years ago. In AD 992, a person named Sabuktigin was borned. At age of 12, he was sold as slave.

As we see later, this man and his offsprings were going to give Indians the biggest bloody nose they have ever had. The career of such mobs culminated when Aurangzeb was made emperor.

The destruction of Hindic civilization in their cradle, Indus valley was the result of illustrious careers by offsprings of slave -- the lowest social standing of a man. A slave has even lower status than Dalits, who are considered sub-human by the Brahmins. To me, this is the most dramatic irony to a civilization which bents on creating and discriminating low caste (Dalits).

Indian believe in Karma. It seems that Karma really strikes.

To be continued

Friday, November 18, 2011

An analysis of Indian Part 2:

The reason of different pattern in population of East Asian IQ and Indian IQ
In my previous blog, I wrote that East Asians appear to have much higher mean IQ than Indians. The average IQ of China is 105 while India is 82. Paradoxically, "low mean IQ" Indians seems to have higher representation in elite western institution especially businesses and top colleges.

The structure of East Asians IQ
There is no paradox at all if one fully understand the cultural context. The East Asians stress on conformity, respect for authority and places community above individuals. In schools, salient East Asians are dressed down.

The domination of Confucius ethnic places high premium on education. Unlike others such as India, ancient East Asians elites do not guard literacy as a trade secrecy that must be kept out of hand of people. On the contrary, East Asians elite sought to educate the people to create a civilize society.

There are inequality in Confucius culture though its far from that of caste system. In ancient Confucius society, the parity of power is biased in favor of government. While the emperor is non-replaceable except through revolution, all government officials were selected based on merits in imperial exams. The system create a massive momentum for the masses to acquire literacy.

Hence, the IQ of East Asians are rather fat and gentle on the centre part of bell curve. East Asians produces far fewer genius as compared to Ashkenazi Jews or even the whites while on average, East Asians are smarter.

How does the IQ of top Indians come about?
Indians elites made up by the high caste are exceptionally smart. Why shouldn't they? Ever since Aryan invaded India, their offsprings by the name Brahmins and Kshatrias has been living a relatively leisure life compared to the lower caste which did all the manual work.

Living off the labors of Dalits which provide services from shit collection, farming..etc, through exploitation or even enslavement, the high caste especially the Brahmins have been able to focus their time of refinement of life such as studying.

Some family of Brahmins have studied since thousand years ago, due to their job as keeper of temples and scriptures. Hence, it is not surprise that higher caste Indians excel academically since their ancesters have been studying for thousands of years.

In such system which prevails for more than 3000 years, the lower caste Indians foot the bill for doing the hard labor to feed the high caste Indians who do not work (their work is study and war). The exploitation has resulted in large segment of population that are deprived a chance to developed intellectually.

That is the main reasons India has very smart people while most have low IQ. In short high caste Indians are living as parasite for more than 3000 years. Their IQ are developed on the blood and sufferings of the Dalits.

Indians elites making stupidity out of people and Singapore is the emancipator that FT Indians are destroying
Honest people will agree that Chinese are the most non-racist among all major races. The peranankan off-shoot of PAP and Chinese are two different things.

Singapore has allowed the first wave of Indian migrant which is mainly the low caste Indians rise to the top. The low caste Indians suddenly find a place that not only no one despises them, but are treated as talent. The previous "stupid" people suddenly become clever because Singapore educated them. In comparison, their cousins in Malaysia are still undeveloped due to race based policies.

Today, new wave of FT Indians bring all their racism to Singapore. Wherever they ascend, jobs were given to other FT Indians. In some companies, to the extend that even interviews for junior positions were conducted by flying Indian candidate from India, hotel and air ticket fully paid by the companies. Finally, only India Indians are given the jobs.

Today, certain jobs are already proscribe to FT Indians bent on keeping away from others. There are wild speculations that IT/technology of banks especially Citi and Stand Chart, some department of HP, executive jobs of some of the best MNC are having all if not majority FT Indians. We are seeing FT Indians building their fledging caste system here with help of PAP.

FT Indians' racism has reach a level not seen anywhere in Singapore targeting all Singaporeans. Singaporeans are already Dalits without much awareness, tomorrow, if FT Indians take over government as they import more and more of their tribe to vote in their own tribe, you will be sure they will hatch a plan to make the aboriginal Singaporeans into the most stupid people in the world.

PAP is ecstatic.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An analysis of Indian Part 1: Paradoxes

Indians in this series of articles refer to South Asians or ethnic group of Indo-Aryan and Dravidians.

Hindustan times reported some 3.2 million Indian Americans, including Asian Indians of mixed race, lived in the United States in 2010 as South Asians led all Asian groups in population growth in the last decade. They led all Asian American households with highest median household income. At 3,183,063, Indian American made up 18 % of the Asian American population in 2010......

According to 2007 to 2009 data, Indian Americans led all Asian American groups in the country in median household income at $86,660. The next highest total was $77,596 for Taiwanese households.

Comparing Chinese and Indian 
There are 10 Indian Nobel prize laureate till date as below, the same number as Han Chinese. There are two Chinese winner and no Indian winner of Field Medal. There are one Indian and one Chinese winner of Turing award. However, base of rough estimate as I research on the faculties of top US colleges, Indians faculties out-numbered Chinese by around 10-30% in many top schools.

In reality, the leadership positions in all western countries show a clear favour of Indians even though Chinese may be equally as smart.

Indian Nobel Prize Laureate

Amartya Sen
Rabindranath Tagore
Muhammad Yunus
Rabindranath Tagore

Har Gobind Khorana
Abdus Salam
V.S. Naipaul


Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
C. V. Raman

Meanwhile the mean IQ of Indians are low while East Asians top. How can one reconciles the paradoxes? Are Indians clever or otherwise?


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Singaporeans under attack by FT Indians 5: Singaporeans are officially neo-Dalits

FT Indians act talent here. In HK you see few of these people because their standards are so low that few employ them. 
If you go to Citibank HK, you will scantly find any FT Indians there, even if there is, they are few in numbers and will not be taking over the whole bank. HK is open to everyone in the world, and more open than Singapore. HK has large foreign population. Their middle to high level expatriate population have been more international and diverse than us for a long period of time. But why FT Indians are such non salient in HK, while in Singapore, they have took over the whole Citibank at CBP. (Other units of Citi were very much taken over by FT Indians but Citi CBP is extremely visible)

Even in corrupt HK, those low quality expatriate who cannot perform will not be able to survive. HK people are the smartest people in the world. Its not easy to compete with Honky. In HK, many Singaporeans expatriate are not only surviving but prospering. That proves Singaporeans are smart. FT Indians self-brag themselves clever, and why haven't they left much more significant foot print in HK?

In terms of IQ, Singaporeans are on par with HK. But why have FT Indians taken over Singapore Citibank but not HK Citibank?
PAP and FT Indians hand in hand to create neo-Dalit class out of Singaporeans
The reason is because PAP gang up with racist FT Indians against Singaporeans. FT Indians do not compete, they bend on racism and has already imposed their caste system on Singaporeans with full support from PAP. Even you go to Citi New York or Citi South Africa, I am 100% sure that you find more proportion of blacks in their IT/Technology office than Singaporeans at Citi CBP. Singaporeans may now be deemed worse than the blacks. 

A few years ago, I am aware of Singaporeans who worked for Citibank IT/technology. Today I know none. The only explanation is many (could be close to 100%)  have been kick out by ruthless persecution, then replaced by FT Indian shipped in from India. 

Instead of condemning the racist, PAP keep accusing Singaporeans of being unreasonable and even xenophobic
While Singaporeans could be undergoing worse discrimination than the blacks, this is what the clowns in PAP say.

Wong Kan Seng said, "what concerns me is that for some Singaporeans, their adverse feelings towards immigrants could be indiscriminate and unreasonable......We should treat our new immigrants as if they are a new addition to our family. Show them how warm and caring we can be.".

While Singaporeans were kicked out from Citi, Lee Hsien Loong said "foreigners created more good jobs for Singaporeans".

Many many more....etc

The relentless racism. There are going to be more in the future
FT Indians have imported many of their tribe that do not merit the salary, from obscure universities with strange sounding names. These people may not even get a visa to HK, but PAP has treated them like kings.

Having played politics and being surrounded by so many clever people in Singapore, they are unsecured. The only way to survive is to bring in more of their tribes make changes in the demographics, and to deprive Singaporeans of jobs. The future generations of Singaporeans neo-dalits could be worse than those real dalits in India.

I am sticking my head out. I know people will call me racist. Readers, stand in front of Citi or Standard Chartered CBP and look for yourselves. Many are unaware that our future generations are already in mortal danger.     

Snap shot of NTU Computer Engine PHD Candidate [link]. Most are not Indians and hence they are too stupid for Citibank. Ship from India then can.
Singaporeans have the highest IQ in the world. We are NO 1 and India is NO 122. [link] We are  still too stupid for Citibank. Indians are most clever for them.